About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Lucy Michelle.

A Eurasian Singaporean born in 1989, I used to live in Holland Village area of Singapore. I still live in Singapore, albeit in another location. Due to privacy I won’t reveal where I stay now, but I really loved Holland Village which I stayed until I graduated from NUS’s business Masters degree!

For those who are unaware of Holland Village, it has a great mix between European and Asian culture (hint I am Eurasian so my parents probably met there in the past!). If you go to Holland Village of Singapore today, you will still see the European-influenced architecture in its quaint shophouses and low-rise buildings.

Dempsey is also relatively nearby, and that was where I first saw some rich older men with some really young university undergraduates! In the past I thought that was their father, but it apparently was not the case. It turned out that some of them were sugar babies with their sugar daddies! Some of them are probably escorts too!

That was the moment where I realized that Singapore has lots of demand for social escorts, and sugar babies because of the vast amount of wealth and affluence held by many families in Singapore. As I became fascinated by this topic, I realized that articles writing about social escorts in Singapore seem to get a lot of comments! So I started my own blog on this topic as well. I share with you, my readers, my thoughts on the local social escort industry!