Why Do Local SG Girls Become Escorts In Singapore?

After having lived in Singapore for my past 30 years, since birth, I have noticed that an increasing amount of women in 2020 are exploring more ways to earn income as a social escort, or in some cases sugar babies. After all, there seems to be lots of tangible benefits being an escort. Of course, there are legalities in such jobs, but that is not the purpose of this article. This trend has been picking up ever since the Internet has become widespread in Singapore, which was in the mid 2000s.

I also have some friends who are social escorts, and they have also shared their stories why they wanted to become social escorts with me. Some of them have also shared how their lives have changed. Without further ado, here are some of the most common reasons why many Singaporean women are becoming social escorts. For privacy reasons, I will not mention any names of my friends or acquaintances who were or are escorts in Singapore as Singapore is a small place.

First of all, they want to buy luxurious goods. However, many of these girls come from less than wealthy family backgrounds. This means that for them to have sufficient amount of money to buy any luxurious items, they will need to work for it themselves. What quicker way to achieve that other than to be an escort on the sideline and working a day job? Some escorts go to the extreme, and pick up an insurance or property agent job, and work as an escort too. This way, they are able to be in complete command of their own working schedules, and buy anything they want as long as they work hard at their day job as well as their social escort work.

Second of all, some of them local SG girls are trying to clear their own university loans. I am a Masters graduate myself, and many of my friends are at least university graduates and hold a Bachelor’s degree. I know first hand how expensive university fees can be in Singapore. Thankfully I am from a relatively well to do family, but unfortunately, not every girl in SG is. Additionally, local university tuition fees increase by $400 every single year for each new batch of students. If the girls come from poor family background, they have to clear the debts themselves. Many of these girls either work as escorts part time while taking on a day job to save up for their university fees, or they moonlight as escorts while going through the undergraduate courses. Working a part time job at McDonald’s will make a negligible dent in the repayment of the debt. However, working even part time as a social escort in Singapore will easily help them clear their loans, so many of them work as one!

Third of all, some Singaporean girls want to help their families clear some debt or pay bills. Singapore is known to be one of the more expensive cities around the world to live in. With expensive living costs, and sometimes, medical costs for elderly parents, it is very expensive to sustain a life comfortably in Singapore if the parents are not wealthy. Some of these girls pick up several part time jobs, one of which includes working as a social escort. Many girls work as one not even for themselves, but for helping their family out with their finances.

While the lure of the money is strong, there is another big attraction when it comes to escort jobs. One of the other biggest lures of being a social escort is its relatively flexible work schedule. There is no fixed timing daily. Therefore, these girls can be students, working adults or simply not doing anything and can be a social escort as long as they are willing to pull time out of their day to work. This means that they do not need to pick between what they are doing currently and any assignments. They can pick up this job without quitting whatever they are doing at the moment. Hence, it is attractive to these SG girls. There is a relatively small mental obstacle only versus a giant mental leap if it were a complete career hop!

Last but not least, for the fun of it. Some Singaporean girls do not wish to ever get seriously attached or married. As a result, why not work as a social escort for as long as they can? They can milk the industry for its cash for as long as their looks can command the rates. Not only do they get to make a lot of money, if they are very hardworking and look great, they can also meet new people! Additionally, most of the clients are rich and successful.

So tell me in the comments below, would you ever be a social escort in Singapore? Let me know your thoughts on this escort industry in Singapore!