Honest Reviews Of Singapore’s Social Escorts – My Opinions

Here are my thoughts on Singapore’s social escorts and agencies and reviews of them!

If you are looking for a female escort in SG, read this post first. There are almost no male escorts in Singapore due to very low demand and supply, so I will not be talking about that. However, for female escort in Singapore reviews, read on.

First of all, are you looking for a Singaporean escort?

If so, then you want to avoid independent or rather, directory listing sites in Singapore. The reason for that is simple. True Singaporean escorts usually work with an agency, and seldom do it themselves. The reason for this is because Singaporeans are a conservative bunch of people, and more for the girls. Escort agencies in Singapore are able to provide a few extra layers of privacy protection for the girls, and get clients on auto pilots for them. So if you want born local SG girls, going somewhere like Singapore escorts SG VIP, a big Singapore agency which specializes in SG girls, will be a great idea.

Or are you looking for a European?

There are European escorts working in Singapore, albeit many of them, illegally. This has nothing to do with escort work but more to do with their work legality in Singapore as they do not have the right permits to work in Singapore legally most of the time. So if you decide to look for European models in SG, it is possible, but risky. Nonetheless, if you want to know where they hang out, they are usually found on independent escort listing sites.

Independent escort listing sites are different from classified ad sites and agency sites. Independent escort listing sites in Singapore are basically sites such as Open Adult Directory, Escorts Of Singapore, and World Escort Index.

And… here is a random disclaimer for you.

Do not search for escorts on classified ad sites to prevent being cheated

Whatever it is that you do, unless you are into meeting a girl who looks absolutely nothing like her photos and love getting scammed, avoid classified ad sites by any means necessary. Classified ad sites include sites such as Locanto and Skokka. While there used to be more such as Backpage in Singapore, they are already shut down. Nonetheless, while there are lots of advertisements there, most are responsive but their pictures are nothing like the real person.

Last but not least, do not violate local laws in Singapore

As a foreigner, you are free to do whatever you want in Singapore, as long as you keep to local SG laws. Escorts are perfectly legal to engage in Singapore, however, public solicitation of prostitution and meeting escorts below age of 18 is illegal in Singapore and is punishable by law.

So make sure to not solicit prostitution – over text or the Internet is still considered a public medium and solicitation is illegal. Additionally, do not meet girls, be it social escorts or through Tinder or some sugar dating website such as Seeking below the age of 18.

Keep within the laws of Singapore, and look for the respective girls via the above recommended ways and you will be having a great experience in Singapore with your hired social escort!